Friday, March 14, 2014

Which Way, My Role Play?

From a Motorola Ad: Guidance Needed

Open your eyes, Sajja, and read!

I have a few minutes before I have to dash off to a workshop day - lots of sitting around, lots of listening, and lots of fidgeting, trying to focus on the tasks at hand instead of my pretty monk Sajja (which means "truth"). I think I can sneak my phone in and read the Icy Veins guide on Monk healing, and her off-spec Windwalker. I know there has been a lot of upset tummies over Blizzard's providng us these 90 boosts -- but I can honestly say -- there really isn't any difference. The fact is: players who need to learn their classes have always existed (looks at self), and re-learning classes with changes, nuances in stats, gear acquisitions, etc., ensures there is always something to learn. If a player has freshly leveled a 90 alt, it has never been a guarantee that they have gear, knowledge or skill. The instant boost did not change that. It didn't. And, for the record, most of the asshats are leveled players with great gear who troll the server or an LFR.

Thank you Blizzard, for this monk. I love her. She's floppy, failing, dying, rolling, and goofy. But I love her. I could not stomach another leveling session from 85 to 90 (she was level 66, and my Deathknight lingers at level 86…just….can't…….it….).

Another boost is I am going to sketch out some character studies for My Role Play. That add-on has been on my list for a long time now, and I'm overdue for some character sketches.  I know I can do that while pretending to be in deep concentration in the meetings today. We writers -- we're a sneaky lot. Always saying things. But this morning I am saying "thank you." Truth.


  1. I'm glad you like her and thank you, I was wondering what her name meant. I don't want/need a level boost but the profession boost I'm really looking forward to. Only 18 more levels to go!

    1. They'll go so fast - let me know if I can help! I do have that DK Blood Elf who's 60...

  2. I have 7 toons in the 85-87 range that I fully intend to get to 90 before WoD hits...

    ... but am having a lot of trouble getting up the interest in actually doing it.

    So, /sympathy for your DK woes. :)

    1. Poor little thing - she just gets eaten by tigers and lions and bears…oh my~! lol


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