Friday, March 7, 2014

OLRG: Winter Is Leaving

It's got to be, right? I mean, it can't last forever, can it?

Please come play with me tomorrow - 4PM Pacific - my house, bring an appetizer and BYOB…

And make a case for which Horde class I should make level 90...


  1. I might be just a little tiny bit biased... but my vote would be for a Horde Paladin. ;)
    Of course really I think you should make the class that's the most fun for you to play.

  2. Well it has to be a class Tauren can be, since you're going to be a Tauren lady. Right? Right?! Hooves?! Tail?!

  3. I could see you as an orc shaman.

  4. LOL! The first words out of my mouth this morning were, I am soooooooo tired of being cold. That picture says it all. Sasche votes for any class that can be Forsaken, I guess she wants company.

  5. Goblins, Goblins all the way. I play a troll because I have to as a druid but if I could be anything.. I'd be a goblin. Cute moves, serious sass, goblins have it all :)

  6. Ooh you said class and I sugguested a race.. well classes - priest, really fun dps style and two nice healing specs and you get bubbles if you go disc. Can't beat bubbles!


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