Friday, March 21, 2014

OLRG: Protest Edition

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Well damn - found out about other obligations last night, and even more two minutes ago. My time is not my own, but that's okay. It's what I signed up for. So,  I won't be able to be there for an OLRG run tomorrow, Saturday, and can't guarantee Sunday either. You all know each other! You all like each other! You're welcome to do something without me (*sniffsniff*). I'll be around probably in the morning, but yeah…

This morning before I have to scoot I'm going to see if I can get a guild charter signed with our raiding team name. Now that raids are all CRZ…I mean hell yeah! Be on the lookout to start lowbies on my server. Cause I'm pushy like that.

Postscript: AmerPriest has some runs, too! Go check it out!


  1. Anonymous21.3.14

    Oh wow, you have three runs a week now?

    1. we could have three runs a week...maybe...Matty?

    2. Don't see why not…Heroic Garrosh, every day! WOOOTT!

  2. Oh no not at all: the one other time I had to cancel I rescheduled it for Sunday and I can't do that this time. Nope, so far only on Saturday afternoons bleeding into cocktail hour for me. Hate when I miss them but family trumps Azeroth (sometimes) lol

  3. Oh no! I will at some point get back to leveling my Warlock over there. By the time she managed to fight her way out of Gilneas she was exhausted, lol.

    1. That zone is one of the most disproportionate ones in the game - a lot of work to get out of, and then we never get to go back. I cry foul! It's going to be a long weekend, all I can say!

  4. awww! well guild is actually scheduled to run some old raids too i think its firelands, ICC and Dragon sould so if your interested to join us holler me my battletag is Amergamer#1255... let me know and i can get you guys invited.

    Guild's agenda is
    Firelands @ 7pm EST / 4pm PST
    ICC 25 man Heroic @8pm EST / 5pm PST

    Heroic Dragon Soul 10/25 man @1pm EST / 10am PST

    So let me know if you want to join im going to post this up on my blog as well. Thanks!


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