Thursday, March 13, 2014

OLRG: Follow the Frog Edition

A true hero does what he/she can: (Stick with this post - I'm getting to it.)


Where do I start?


Okay - here. The other day Tome posted a tale of a troll, and I thought to myself, "Well, gee, haven't seen one of those in awhile! I've run hundreds of LFR, I glance at Trade Chat, and maybe it was an off-day."

No - the rumors of troll extinction are just that - rumors.

Take little Sajja into an LFR. First, all the undergeared players ('undergeared' being a relative term since her gear level was more than adequate for that LFR) were called 'welfare players' because of the 90 boost. Several players shared that yes indeed, this was their level 90 boost, but they had several level 90s, and had years of experience in Azeroth. So, there's the "poverty shaming." Nice. And then red flag: a Dwarf shaman (SHAME ON YOU! You are a disgrace to both Dwarfs and Shamans, you asshat) says, "I am the only one healing?" Sure enough, his numbers were over 190-200K HPS. I remember something Navi said in her recent post about healing being more like a pie that everyone shares - healing is not like DPS. I looked over his gear and sure enough, heroic and normal level gear through and through. (And very ugly mogging efforts, or no effort, too I might add.):

See my comment: I thank him for joining us and bringing his great heals. Hey, kill them with kindness is always my first tactic! It seems to disoriented trolls with the Misdirection skill. Alas, it was only temporary - he was determined to troll us, and show off his great skills, and chide us for how shitty we all were. After the third boss, and several "LOOK AT ME AND MY BIG HEALING STICK" I finally just said the comment below:

And then he said this to me:

Now, I could be classy like Tome and not name-names. But this expectation of privacy is a double-edged sword, Good Sir Lindriss. You may be a 13-year old boy who was just seeking some innocent troll fun. You may be a shy 28-year-old who's socially awkward. You may even be a sweet grandma by day, baking cookies and taking in stray cats, and want to live in a complete 180-fantasy world. I don't know. But the thing is, if you're going to be a troll, do it right. An early LFR is low-hanging fruit, and not worth your trolling expertise! Oh wait, maybe that's it!! Maybe these sorts of venues are Proving Grounds for Trolling!! Oh my God why didn't I think of that before?!?!  They're honing their retorts and bait to groups who couldn't care less, just to feel that tingly sensation of typing asshattery on the Internet! (Happy 25th Birthday, WWW, btw!) I wonder if Bob and Tim had any idea about folks like Lind…anyway, no matter.

There is a word for folks like Lind:

SO - the Frog.

Please watch the above commercial. It says so humorously, so charmingly, what I would like to say about Azeroth: there are some things I am not going to do. I am not going to live out the Gringo fantasy and save the natives. (I might live out the Draenei fantasy, but that's acceptable.) But I am going to keep doing Old Ladies Raiding Guild, and we are going to see some new things together, or share recent things together. Saturday we'll start a 10-man in Mogu'shan Vaults - if I need to tank I will (ugh) but otherwise maybe I can get a volunteer. If it turns out we have more than ten folks who want to go, we'll see if we can get to 25 man or do this as an LFR. It really doesn't matter - because when we're together:

See you on Saturday!

Forty-Beats 7
Armando/Locos por Juana in a Zumba class:


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  1. Cockalorum! I love that! I want to use it but then don't want to be in a situation where it was neccesary so I'm torn. In the meantime I'll just follow the frog!


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