Sunday, March 9, 2014

Professional Time Wasting and Chicken and Waffles Debuff

Got a text from an east coast friend who must be lurking on Facebook, and noticed a mutual acquaintance ran 27 miles today. I told her I sat on my fanny for hours playing a game. She gave me permission. CD Rogue came downstairs to tell me his cold is a flu, and my snoring kept  him up. The sound of Pikmin 2 is trilling from the next room. My tummy still hurts, (yes, I have another doctor appointment…yes yes yes) and, oh yes, did I tell you my best achievement buddy Kaylyne went Horde  to be with her main squeeze? And all quiet, (too quiet) in the Drunken Fish, and, did I mention my tummy still hurts?

And it's Daylight Savings time ending? Beginning? Whatever. Lost an hour.


So, while I'm getting some rested XP on Sajja, who used to be a gnome monk named LuckyCricket, who became a Night Elf monk, and is now comfortable in her own blue skin as a Draenei monk (I spend tiny bits of money when I am bored), did the orange contest while still a Night Elf for Thela:

March: Orange
And the other day, my friend Turk drank some potion of illusion, and unintentionally I got to see how beautiful Zep would look with her cloak:

This is what she would look like with cloak...

Zep in a bubble, without cloak
Why does my tummy hurt? I don't know. I really don't.  Maybe it's sad. Sad it doesn't have any Girl Scout cookies. Or maybe because I tried a few of these yesterday:

That would make any tummy confused.

Or maybe it's sad because it knows things are changing. The times, the hours, the friendships, all change and transform. Seasons come and go, and we wax and wane 'round and round.

No, it's the the potato chips.

And sometimes we all feel like this:

Yup, in Azeroth, feeling kind of orange.


  1. Matty, you go right ahead and feel orange all you want. It is my favorite color! So, no matter how orange you are, feel good knowing that you are someone's favorite!

    P.S. - hope the tummy feels better soon...and was the Chicken & Waffle tater chips. (on a funny note, Dharm and I just got back from grocery shopping a little bit ago and saw those chips in the store and each of us went "ewwww, yuck".)

    1. Thanks my dear friend - I love orange too, but definitely feel like I'm not rhyming with anyone right now. The C&W Lays are something I would have wholly embraced as a college student…draw your own conclusions. I'll get back in sync soon. You made me feel better!

  2. Hugs. I hope you feel better soon. Those potato chips are somewhat intriguing, I really wish crisp companies would take a gamble and sell other country's flavour combinations.

    1. Thanks, Erinys -- but as far as chicken & waffles go, you may want to pass on that one. Now Cool Ranch Doritos on the other hand… :)

  3. She does look lovely, although maybe it's fate telling you to go horde. :P Hope all goes well at the doctor's and liking orange must make up for my dislike for it - at least in RL clotheing.

    1. I love purple, hot pink and orange, but then I would walk around like sherbet. Hmmmm......sensing a junk food theme here....

  4. It's like the two coasts are different countries. So many of the foods you mention I've never heard of but maybe I'm not an adventurous shopper lol.

    Hope the doctor can find the culprit of the uncomfortable tummy. I know some of my characters are feeling blue right now. I'm thinking it's the "bitter end of expansion and WTF is coming next blues." I'll be glad when they get over it.

    1. Chicken & Waffle Lays may be an adventure one shouldn't take… Perhaps you're right, it's the bells ringing for the end-- we start to feel all the things we didn't get done, and the trepidation for change. You have a really good point. /sigh


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