Thursday, March 20, 2014


From Pictorial Arts
Today is the Spring Equinox--all things being equal--for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere - how do you celebrate spring? For those of you down South, what seasonal changes are you looking forward to? Ah, shucks, before I go to work this morning I should have see what my Blossoming Ancient pet is up to- I named him #Hashtag. Yes, I think I am pretty clever. I know my druid Momokawa is feeling…something…probably shouldn't leave her out there in the forests for too long.


  1. And not a moment too soon. I hope Spring gets busy melting those snow piles in the backyard. Enough Winter! Let Spring commence!

    1. I hope so too Tome - we've had one of the rainiest Marches in a long time, but I always remind myself I don't have to shovel rain...


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