Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Main Pain

The Azerothian equivalent of change in the couch cushions

The concept of a 'main' is something I've grappled with for some time. Anne Stickney just brought this up not too long ago. Approaching my 4th year of playing, I realize the one unforgivable sin of understanding WoW culture is having a 'main,' and feeling guilty or disloyal if switching a 'main.' I  ignored the memo years ago - that successful players cultivate a main, learn the class inside and out, and when class changes occur as they inevitably do, they understand how to integrate and absorb those changes. They understand how to adjust and adapt to various fight mechanics, and organize achievement logs like air traffic controllers. And before I go on, please do not think this is going to be a whiney-post about how Blizzard doesn't love their players - in fact--they do. They have done so much to allow the one human behind the keyboard to enjoy so many options. Once Mataoka received her cloak, all of her sisters could fly over the bridge to Ordos, and when they added the Open Raid, it is a sheer pleasure to fly over to Ordos for the possibility of some Warforged goodies.
Zep didn't get any goodies from Ordos, but someone did put bunny ears on her...
But--those coins. Those damn coins. Kellda and Haanta are sitting on a Smaug-sized vault of them. Haanta has over 1000, and about 12 Warforged tokens, Kellda around 10. My main-spec healers, Zeptepi and Momokawa, struggle, while poor Mataoka -- and don't mention Ceniza. She's still back-tracking rep in Northrend, complaining of smelling like whale blubber and fish guts. She is pissed. Now, you may offer, if Blizzard didn't do that, we would all be so bored in Azeroth right now, that those with mains would unsubscribe until WoD comes out, and that's probably right. Those who have achieved every thing on mains don't need to hang out in Azeroth. I contend, however, time in the game is still interesting to me, and there is so much I want to do. I feel like a big, fat baby when Mataoka is in a raid, and there's umpteen hunters all going for agility gear, too. I feel like an ass when Zeptepi has to grind through the Black Prince again for a cloak so the healing is on par with others. I get annoyed with I have to confess that for Mataoka, restoration is 'off spec' so that the elemental shamans get first dibs. Please don't misunderstand: gear grab is the same for us all. But I consider all my characters one: the human typing on the keyboard. I pay a monthly subscription, and some choices seem artificial.

Now--what would be an 'authentic' choice? When I'm on a particular character, they each have a gift and personality, a mental narrative of where I want to be at that place and time. To me, that mental exploration is enough. To me, having equal footing, or hooves as the case may be, is the value I offer myself and my friends. It's wonderful to be able to bring a variety of classes to OLRG adventures, or a Flex, or just about anything. What I do respect, absolutely, is a GM/RL's request for a main in a raiding team. That makes complete sense. Pick one and stick to it. What I wish Blizzard would do on their end, though, is make sure we players can bring the class that's needed. It's naive to think it's the player, not the class. It's both.

And -- that real life thing. I was looking forward to seeing if we could move on in the 25-man tonight, hunters and shamans be damned, but alas, a real life obligation cropped up this morning. I really should read my emails more carefully. Perhaps I need to be brave and look at Open Raid for more opportunities, too, and quit bitching. And shake down that couch for more coins. (Oh, like you haven't done it!)

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


  1. As someone who is also an altoholic... so much of this. I have two mains horde side and one alliance. Because you obviously have to have one for each faction, right? And then because Tai's stubborn and butted in. It makes it so hard for me to get anything done.
    Like you, all of mine have their personal stories and attitudes and I love them as though they were friends.I like being able to help each of them achieve their different goals but man I really wish that Seish could share some of his loads of Lesser Charms with Laen who has to run over to the Timeless Isle and grind up 50 every week!

    1. Just--if we could just share these tokens--wouldn't that be cool? Give them to the ones who need them?

  2. Yeah, my concept of "main" is really screwy. It's the character I like the most not play the best so Cat's it. I know it's supposed to be the one you're most skilled at but since I don't actually do anything that can impact other people I'm sticking with my definition, lol.

    The only people my characters impact are the Old Ladies who are so forgiving of derp I can get away with it!

  3. See, the concept of main for me is easy. All you polygamous players... :P

    1. I know - I envy you! Even tonight my RL brought the 25 man down to 10, and I didn't come near making the cut on that damn shammy. Ugh…Not sure what to do. Probably…write a post or something dumb like that! haha


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