Saturday, March 22, 2014

Letters from Azeroth

Yesterday morning I was talking with a colleague (who's expecting! Yay babies!!), and I was ready for the day, and then I had a big, shocking reminder that I had a doctor's appointment later that morning--an important doctor appointment, to help me get some tough health concerns addressed--I had completely forgot. It was on my i-phone calendar, but I forgot to add an audible reminder, nor did I put it in the other 5 calendars I have, that are scattered throughout the universe. Now, before my lizard brains abuses my super-ego and id any further, and I cry foul because of ADD --it really is a combination of factors. The human brain can only take so much before it breaks, and that piece of information fell into one of those mental crevasses. Work and work-related issues seized most of my mental landscape, pushing out all other needs (and I consider daydreaming, creativity, and health 'needs') out of the room, and locked the door behind them. The past Monday night, during my Monday sabbatical from WoW, I sat on the couch and watched hours of House of Cards.  For some reason I not only can but want to listen to hours of Kevin Spacey's slight southern drawl unselfconsciously maneuver politics. Understatement all mine. That evening I got caught up to the subway scene. If you've watched House of Cards, you know what I'm talking about. That stuck in my head for a while too. 

So, sorting out the mind.
And it inspired me--what are my characters in Azeroth doing when I am otherwise occupied in real
life? And, more importantly, what do they want? Are they simply awaiting my return, to control, manipulate, and maneuver? Are they having rich virtual lives, and then just setting themselves back in place, like a scene from Toy Story? Are they angry and resentful--when Mataoka looks at the gear and DPS another enhancement shaman does in a 25-man, does she resentfully sigh at me, and wish she could let me know what she needs, instead of the other way around? (And for those of you who think I've gone crazy right now, walk away…walk away slowly and relinquish all rights to talk to me about writing, creativity, and imagination, and stop playing an RP game.)

So, there will be Letters from Azeroth, and I want to continue the Coin series, too. 
And move this blog to Wordpress. 

I'll put that on my calendar.

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