Thursday, February 27, 2014

OLRG: Sharp Blades Edition

Just call me Grace.
Gosh almighty, give me one day off from work to go to see a doctor, fight pharmacists, and get laundry done and you'd think I'd won a gold medal or something. Yes, you see all the while I told you I was in Texas was really a cover for my Olympian figure-skating career--I was in Sochi the whole time. I only got the silver in the Women's "Rock that Hat" competition, but kicked ass in the biathlon! I mean, really, who doesn't love a woman who can ski AND SHOOT STUFF?

(I really do think this is an awesome event.)
Ladies, and Gentlemen, I hope you are around and free to go skiing with me in Firelands and…maybe…yes, let's…go Flex something. Why the hell not? Anyone else have some ideas, too? I'm open to suggestions - the main thing is I just want to see you all!

So: Saturday, March 1 4PM Pacific - till then, mi amigos/amigas. Till then...

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