Sunday, February 9, 2014

OLRG: Sunday Spam Edition

Well, it's Sunday, and that means SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM DEE SPAM!

Last night it snowed -- wait, correction -- there was a dusting of tiny frozen rain particles, so therefore my Internet had to go down. If a cloud farts around these parts, Comcast uses that as a valid excuse to deny service. Sigh. But it's working now, so all those back-logged posts are comin' at you, baby! Stand back, I've got a fire hose and am not afraid to use it!

OLRG: Sunwell and Black Temple
Love those places. It went so fast though! I looked up at the clock and swore it said 6:30 PM, and I was hungry, and needed a jalapeno burger from Red Robin (need, yes, need) so we called it. Then I realized  it was only 5:30, but by the time we got everyone rounded up and got a table, it was 6:30, so maybe my tummy had a premonition. It was a delicious burger, and I had a big Blue Moon beer, too, which CD Rogue says is a chick beer cause it has an orange, and not a manly fruit like a lime. Whatever. I won't get scurvy.

Next Saturday, February 15 and Saturday, February 22 will find me in the far-off nethers of Texas, celebrating a milestone birthday with my folks. I'm leaving CD Rogue at home, so I can spend some time with my mommy. This may be a good chance for ya'll to do a few OLRG on your Horde characters, without my stupid Alliance affiliations. Speaking of Alliance, Navimie joined us for a bit and dinged her Alliance mage to 80 during her pre-lunch break:
Proof! Caught Navi alliance-handed!

I Know Such Talented People!
I saw this article on Euphyley's sculpture artwork and gasped! Thank you again Navimie for one of my most cherished objects! Mrs. Whitworth still reigns on my mantle piece, holding court with the gnome lamp and tiny teacups.

Ahoy, Blizzard!
Erinys: Want. I too am a big mermaid fan and all things sea-side. I was fascinated by this story I heard a few weeks ago about how most of Britain listens to the The Shipping Forcast. What a lovely ritual: maybe that's why I can't stay asleep - I don't have the sounds of foghorns or the rocking of waves to lull me back to sleep.

Garrosh's Soft Spot
There are so many transmog contests out there right now, any thought of trying to pull together a Mataoscars one has long flown the coop. No way, no how. But this one caught my eye, too: Garrosh has a daughter, and he wants our help in giving her some style.  Of late, I am feeling very unworthy. I just had a meeting with my boss, and was basically told I will never, ever be in the "distinguished" part of the rubric. Ever. Like, ever. No matter what I do, no matter what I've accomplished, no matter what I say, or the credentials I've earned. No matter the contributions or acts. I will never, ever be "distinguised," and will stay in the "basic" and the "proficient" lanes.

Wow. Now I'm starting to cry. Didn't see that coming. 

"Buck up, Spunky! You have other gifts to offer that can't be measured!"
Thanks, Inner Voice. But discouragment is kind of ruling the roost now.

Okay, in any case, I am not feeling up to any competition right now. Nope. Nada. I don't want to "lose" anything, so don't want to try to "win" anything. One thing I really like about Garrosh and Stubborn over at Sheep the Diamond is they might understand why I'm crying. Or they might say get a new job. I kind of miss my barista days at Starbucks. Wonder if they have a green apron in my size?

ANYWAY: Hey, five hours of sleep--we have stories to finish, stories to start, and a few dailies to do! Take advantage of snowy roads and heat up that four-hour coffee, and get to it! The question is figuring out what "it" is.  I may need an Antidote.

Anyway, I may try to give Shayari some godmotherly mogging help just for fun, because I understand the girl who's looking for her past, in order to make her future.

My So-Called RP Life:
Spotted this confession the other day:

Probably for the same reason we all love Tyrion Lanister. If you don't get it, you never will. But look up sapiosexual.

Theme song: Phantogram/When I'm Small


  1. Unfortunately, if it were just one boss I would be better equipped; however, this is systemic.

    Ah well. It was great when Navi did talk! That was so much fun - ah, if only real life….never mind. It is real life, in a sense! Real friends, anyway!

  2. Oh, and we OLRG will need to keep an eye on this:

  3. Anonymous11.2.14

    I had fun! And your boss is mean. I mean we should get together and take down THAT "Boss" with OLRG. See if he thinks you are distinguished THEN.


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