Saturday, February 15, 2014

Series: February Screenshots VIII-XXII

Sorry to play catch-up and pay-it-forward, but not sure how much computer access I'll have while I'm away…some of these are recycled, it's true. 

February 8: Water - 
This isn't water…but some form of liquid…poisonous, shadowy, and misty

February 9: Details
February 9th: Details - I wish I had a lovely little lamp just like this one...

February 11: Mistake (Notice how February 10th is missing?) 
This is my second account. Kind of thinking with combined servers this may have been a mistake. Patience: get some, Matty. Oh, and girl, put some clothes on.

February 12: Out+About
While I'm out and about on my warlocks:
I love this pet emote: sweet little imp, holding my hand, and the next minute….little pendejo...

February 13: Perfect
While looking at this sexy mail chestpiece that drops in Dire Maul, I noticed poor Escarlata's eating disorder issues. It's okay, Carla, you can wear your shin-skins as your own boots. You're perfect just the way you are.

February 14-19…in progress.

February 14: Heart -

February 15: My Drink of Choice

February 16: Create

February 17: Vegetable

February 18: Magic

February 19: Feet
Sh*T!!! I had the BEST screenshot of Fandral's big feet from one of our OLRG runs, and think I threw it away in a pique of desktop cleaning up-ppery.

February 20: Peace
Momokawa: Peaceful Peach River...

February 21: Funny
See the chicken feathers sticking out of the hut? Wutwutinurbutt House...

February 22: An act of kindness
From Tome: Warmth and Love!

More to come!


  1. Oh the comment thing is different! Lovely screenies there matty :) I love that lamp!

  2. Thanks, Navimie - I tried for about 20 minutes yesterday to get comments to scroll in the side-bar, but that would mean a complete reordering of the layout again, which I might have time to do over my vacation.

    Those little details, especially with goblins, just charm me!


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