Sunday, February 2, 2014

Series: February Screenshots I

Tycertank from Toonacious is hosting a February round of #wowscreenshotaday. Always amazed at how a short little month can get so jammed-packed, but these are always fun. I'm going to back-track one day, and get a jump on the rest of the week (Saturday-Friday)

February 1: You (Click on MoMar's blog to check out a fun color transmog contest)

When I was looking at "You," (apologies for pun) I overanalyzed it and realized it didn't mean ME but YOU. The Royal We? The editorial We?

One down, 27 to go...


  1. Halp! Halp! I can't catch up! You are too prolific this morning. I really like this, is this the Warhol Matty?

  2. LOL! I was thinking of titling this one "No Campbell Soup For You" but thought it had too many cross-pop references for one little post!

  3. lol...that's too funny Matty. looks nothing like me!


    1. Red is my color, so off to figure out what I can do for that! Thank you again for doing an amazing job yesterday, but more importantly, I love hanging out with you - thank you!


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