Sunday, February 16, 2014


If he looked in my human soul, well…it's a little messy

It never takes me too long to pack; I plan on doing some shopping while in Texas, as well as some eating (seems greatly counter-productive, I know), and am only bringing my work laptop, not the one with the sake-on-the-keyboard-but-I-can-still-play-WoW-one. Am really trying to pack only the things I need to get done, so hopefully while I'm in Texas rattling around I can FOCUS.

I'll be able to write, too (sure my folks will let me use their computers), but before I go wanted to make a 'project list' - while CD Rogue is job hunting, I wish I could ask him to do a few things, too, but don't want to push my luck. If my Azerothian ladies would cooperate, here's what I would have them do:

1. Argent Tournament - get some ponies, girls!
2. Finish #wowscreenshotaday
3. Go play with the Kalua'ak
4. Finish the 'rares' on both Timeless and Pandaria
5. Level Heartichoke to 90
6. Get Cloud Serpent riding on all
7. Shards, shards, baby
8. Garrosh's mogging contest
9. More Brawler's Guild…and

10: CHALLENGE MODES! Which I understand are going away…which kind of pisses me off…

Okay, dudes and dudettes: when I get back let's just try them, okay?

OH -- and of course - man, didn't realize how much I would miss my OLRG - really missed you yesterday, and will be sad next Saturday, too.

So here's my promise to myself and to you -- I'll really try to clear the decks so that when I do return I can turn my focus back on Azeroth.

See you in the blogosphere!


  1. We'll miss you too! Let us know how the trip's going and if you see any rares along the way make sure to take a screen shot!

    1. You just gave me the beet idea: I will be searching fir the rare Liberalus minoriticus: heard Austin is their natural habitat. Now I want to write a post about real life rares!

  2. And a best idea too...haha


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