Monday, February 3, 2014

Gone fishin'

GO SEAHAWKS! Or as Stephen Colbert said it, they won the Superb Owl! Rades posted this image, and now it all makes sense:

Malfurion is THE Seawhawk! 
Wait, wait…why is this post called the ubiquitous 'Gone Fishin?" That's because yesterday afternoon I made a nice, hot bubble bath, got in, started to read, and realized I had ten minutes until the Master Angler Fishing Tournament would start, rushed out, and got Ceniza all ready. Winning that fishing tourney is the last thing I need to do to get my Salty title. I figured, incorrectly, that every breathing human would be at a pre-game party and far away from computers. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. The advent of CRZ, too, is making that chieve nearly impossible except that, well, someone does win, and every week. I asked the rogue who won how he did it, and he told me to "fish in pools." 


I pressed him further, and wrangled it out of him that he was using the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole.  Okay, cool - so Ceniza is now hanging with the Walruses, koo-koo-a-choo, and working on her rep. 

This weekend also found me needing to go into work. (But I did not. I tried. Even drove there. The next thing I knew the wheels of my truck were heading straight back home.) I am having a circular conversation about work now, and it's got to stop. I love my job, but hate the work. It has become work. Sheer, unadulterated work. In many ways, too, Azeroth has become work, too. And as much as I love writing this blog, I feel myself beginning to steer off into perfunctory. Dahahka asked me yesterday why it seems I've been so unhappy of late. /shrug Why is anyone unhappy? Things change, there are readjustments, reflection, and then we find our grit and get back to it. I'm just out of grit at the moment. That and the fact I really need to take long look at the kind of woman who gets out of a bubble bath to go fish pretend fish. 

So--things are going to be a little quiet around here for awhile - have no fear --I am fine. Just need to readjust some priorities.See you soon!


  1. Hubby asked me yesterday why the Calgon he bought me for Christmas hadn't taken me away yet and I didn't have a good reason. I'm mad because I had also planned to hit up the fishing tourney and do the wanderer's festival this weekend and all I could manage to do is clean the garage, go through my dresser and get rid of clothes, and play some Hearthstone which led me to playing Wizard 101 with my youngest most of the free time I had this weekend. I'm mad because I was productive and hung out with my family. *hanging head in shame* I think that Calgon is getting opened tonight!

    1. Well you got a clean garage out of the deal, and that's pretty good! I really need to adjust my priorities--

  2. I am so sorry but "the kind of woman who gets out of a bubble bath to go fish pretend fish" is still making me ROTFL probably because I can identify. I know you will get your grit back and we'll be waiting. Oh, I think I still have to fish up a pretend fish in Ironforge. See you later!

  3. Anonymous3.2.14

    That tip was priceless. I hope your luck changes soon.

    I used to get up at 5 or 6am on Khadgar just to do the fishing so that wasn't much fun. I'm not much of a morning person =/ Bubble baths come few and far between in this household and I can only seem to stay in them for 10mins before I get too bored. :P

    1. I love them - read, meditate, even sleep - must be the Pisces in me, and I'm trying to grow some fins back.

  4. I am so glad you understand--if I am going to behave in inexplicable ways, at least I know I have one friend who understands me!


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