Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Edited for Asshattery (My Own) RTMT: Learning to Read

Edited: Sorry about the last video - I didn't think it was funny --in fact, that is how some players feel/react when there's a wipe. It's hyperbolic and ridiculous. 

Here is a new video that also demonstrates how it feels to not fit in:

This is hilarious - promise

I am such a hypocrite: I love to read, but hate it too. Directions, instructions, tool tips: especially trying to synthesize tool tips. There is something that goes missing in my comprehension when I just read "Havoc Target 1, Chaos Bolt Target 2, Sit back and enjoy the show" but if I see a demonstration (thank you, young leet druid!) and practice, I get it. I should get out Icy Veins on one side of my screen, and the target dummies on the other, but really, there is nothing as good as simply playing, practicing, and using live Mogu for target dummies (besides, I might get shards!) The only way to get better at anything is to practice, practice, practice. But even then, I caution myself: no amount of practice can anticipate for every fluctuation. That is part of what makes Azeroth so infuriating and challenging. Even in the best of circumstances, (and I consider Navi's raid team this), where everyone knows their class, it's a relatively stable group of players with little turn-over, and dedicated to the team, wipes do happen, and adjustments are made, and rosters get shifted. That's is what being a team means. But Blizzard, please: keep on this path of honoring the solo player. By removing obstacles such as gear on the Timeless Isle, you've made it easier for us to try out all kinds of classes. The downside is there are a lot of quickly-geared but ill-prepared players. (See poor DK.) But that's a chance you take, Blizzard, and the Court of Public Opinion will quickly take care of them. How about if a character gets Burdens of Eternity that are extraneous, those are account bound too? How about if one character is exalted with the Cloud Dragon Mojo Dramamine Riding Club, it's across all characters? There are some things that should NOT be soul-bound, period.

But one obstacle that should never be removed is learning how to play a class in varying raid/dungeon/scenario situations. Those nuances are vital to enjoyment of any class. It is in the learning,  in the experimenting, that our brains engage. At times I believe there is too much visual vomit on screen (sorry, that's gross, I know) to really learn anything. I am really enjoying the practice and research I've done with Providing Grounds with my druid, and I want more, please. Proving Grounds is a great concept, and one of my next projects is to see how far I can get my big girls: Momokawa, Mataoka, Zeptepi, and Kellda. Ceniza, darling, your time will come. Right now however, it's fish or cut bait time for everyone else.

Oh, and kids: stay in school.


  1. I really need to go back to the proving grounds but Sasche is phobic now after trying to learn Destro in there. She did much better learning on Mogu. Cat did go try the tank one and was happy to manage bronze as she has no idea at all how to tank.

    Yes! Yes! account bound burdens would be wonderful. Cat and Cim don't even go to the Isle anymore for fear it will break the hearts of those who need them if those who don't get them, lol.

    1. I apologize for that terrible video, but it expresses how I feel sometimes when I blow up in raids. I can read all the tips I can but nothing beats just practicing, or trying to stay out of danger in the first place. I really don't fathom this random gate-keeping they're doing. /sigh

    2. I have a confession to make, I started watching it and thought it was something like an SNL skit. I'm laughing and having a fine time, especially when he yells, you're holding me back. Wasn't until the end ... oh ... it was for real. Oh ... I retract my laughing, sorry dead people.

    3. I should have labeled this: this is the darkest of dark humor ever, and not even funny. Again, my apologies - however, the Melissa McCarthy video clip IS funny, and pretty much how I feel ALL THE TIME among my non-WoW playing friends.

    4. I loved the first video! It is a pretty stupid ad even considering the creator's intent - I mean, really, skipping school for some beach fun is going to end in gory death? I think it's actually more relevant to raiding than anything. If you slack off, don't read up on the dangers, don't listen, and only think about yourself ("you're holding me back!") then yeah everyone dies.

      But agreed, if your message was that you don't feel like you fit in sometimes, it was not the best video to use. :)

    5. Well, as I told Tome privately, the first video's intent was this is how people sometimes respond in raids, and my own 'never read' mentality sometimes. The one that's up is about how we don't fit in sometimes, so I may recycle it for another post too. I read that the first one was a good example of wealthy kids' "affluenza" which gives a humorous catch phrase to some very serious criminal behavior.


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