Sunday, February 2, 2014

Series: February Screenshots III

February 3: Something Orange
Tycertank from Toonacious is hosting a #wowscreenshotaday February event! These are my humble contributions.
Orange Orb is AWOL
There are two required battlegrounds in the Legendary Cloak quests. For the most part, even though I am not a PvP'er, and it really is luck of the draw who wins (although anyone you talk to SWEARS that Alliance always, ALWAYS sucks in battlegrounds), so far getting through this requirement for Mataoka and Kellda wasn't too painful. I am considering getting cloaks for both Zeptepi and Momokawa, too--purely for vanity and the animations. I may need to reconsider this, because I am not sure if I have the stamina to win both the Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines. After a few attempts this morning, my stomach is churning and I need to go find some Tums. 


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