Friday, February 7, 2014

Series: February Screenshot VII


February 7: Utensil

No one cooks up a mean leg of Bram, I mean lamb, than Rona Greenteeth. 

Erinys is the one who reminded me of Jenny Greenteeth, for whom Rona is surely an allusion.

From Fairies
Jenny has her own origins and legends. Her sister, Rona, obviously chose another path than snatching children and dragging them into ponds, and operates a nice little concessions stand and makes a decent living at the Darkmoon Faire. Erinys: are you up for a small writing challenge of providing Rona with her own backstory?  I'll write one if you do! 


  1. I hope Erinys takes you up on that, two stories!

  2. Ooh do I spy a dare!!!
    Of course I'm up for that. After the week I've had at work I could with channeling some evil :p

  3. P.s I'm off to buy that book now.

    1. I got the book when I was a teenager, and it was one of those that forever changed me. That an artist could truly capture what that imaginary (?) world might look like… I am so glad you're up for this challenge. I live and die by deadlines, so am setting myself a week's goal--but I never impose deadlines on others. Can't wait to read!


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