Friday, March 11, 2011

Best. Drop. Ever.

As Mat longingly looks at the Arrowslinger mail leggings going for 45,000 gold on the Auction House, she really wonders if she has what it takes to compete at this level. Especially when the highlight of her day comes from a pinata-drop at Lost City: bubblegum.

There she was, just a walking down the street..
She knows, realistically, that playing the Auction House, farming for materials, and stacks of gold are just a few hours of time and effort. Time is money, friend. But as of yet, she simply cannot bring herself to spend, like a drone, that time flying around, fighting Blood Elf paladins for nodes, and unstacking and stacking mats like so many boxes in a warehouse. But with a few alts to feed, and her own gear to boost up, because she hasn't focused on making gold she has missed opportunities. It's harsh, but true. There isn't a Stormwind Credit Company (thank goodness-- she may have had to hock her jewels).

Many humans, in fact, choose jobs and careers that are borne of love, not material gain. Intangible rewards matter. And the humans who don't, well, they are certainly mucking up the works, now, aren't they? Greedy little goblins.

Well, Mat managed to snatch this pack of strawberry-banana flavored (all natural flavors, by the way, no artificial preservatives or coloring) out of the candy bag this morning. And that has given her much joy indeed.

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