Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I got.

Early in the mornin'
Risin' to the street
Light me up that cigarette and I'll strap shoes on my feet
Got to find a reason
Reason things went wrong
Got to find a reason why my money's all gone...

After a humiliating run in Stonecore a few days ago, Mat left the dungeon for some repairs, reached in her beautiful embersilk bags, and found herself a bit short. The repairs were 90g. She had 85. So, she hocked some soul-bound weapons that she'd probably (hopefully) never use and her grandmother's cocktail jewelry, fixed up, and back she went.

Money's been on Mat's mind lately. She's been trying to repay a debt in a timely and honest manner. She had to hit up a cross-dressing rogue and her rich mage uncle for some of the gold. The uncle had just spent 25kg on a staff. Twenty-five thousand gold. Mat has never had more than 8kg in her bags at any one point in time. It makes her feel a bit embarrassed, and frustrated. She has missed opportunities for wonderful and rare items because she just didn't have the gold ready and accessible. (She is certain there are guildmates who have off-shore accounts in the Bahamas, but this has never been confirmed, as they pour the Dalaran champagne.) The item that procured this particular debt was worth every pence, and the seller is incredibly sweet, fair and honest. Mat would have liked to earn one on her own someday, and sell it, which would be so much more satisfying. (Earning our rewards and boons on our own volition is the way to go; and, it is conversely devastating when these rewards are taken from us through avarice.)

But sometimes you just gotta pay the cobbler for new shoes and keep walking.

Now money, (gold, lire, yen, clams, etc.) is a touchy subject. More so than sex, politics, or religion. Our ability to earn, keep and spend gold may be more judged than our gear scores.

Coincidentally, as she was thinking she'd have to spend more time farming and less time hanging out on farms, a little gnome friend in disguise as a Death Knight popped in to share her success in saving enough gold for something or another. This little gnome mage is so cute, sweet, and innocent. She is as delightful as a gumdrop and, if she was a flavor, it would be blueberry. She tells Mat this: "Oh, I noticed you have some volatile fire in the AH, so I'll wait until your auction is over before I sell mine."

Mat nearly fell off her gryphon.

"NO! Silly!! Go ahead and sell it--don't worry about me!" 

The point is, business is just that--business. We all have a right to make some gold, have some fun, and spend it on what we choose. But, /sigh, is it tough to do. Earning only 70 VP a day in a heroic sure does make for some slow going for gear. Grind, yes - and sometimes Mat feels ground to a halt. 

Sometimes life in the "World" seems a bit too much like work. Real life work. Mat's human doesn't do her real-life life for a lot of gold in relative terms (money is all a matter of perspective: you have a penny, and they don't, you're richer). Mat is the sugar-momma for her alts, and that cupboard is getting kind of bare. So, she'd better get her tail out there and start making some scratch. She doesn't want her celestial steed repo'd. 

Theme song: "If I had a Million Dollars" by Barenaked Ladies

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