Friday, March 25, 2011


Senor, gracias por todo lo que haces. Tu amistad significa mucho para mi. Siempre habre un lugar en este mundo y en mi corazon por ti.*

Today was a really good day--full of sunshine and dancing. But the clouds encroach upon Mat's human as quickly as a bad mood, and while she was driving home, and a little voice said, "just quit."

And like an unwelcome chore, she logs on for her daily valor points, and sees that her friend is playing. He seems discouraged; she confesses that today she thought about quitting. He is thinking the same. They talk, and promise to support each other while they take care of real-world projects, of which they are both facing. Her project is more expensive than Deathwing's dry-cleaning bills, and twice as looming. His is probably the same.

And Mat was thinking about what another friend told her, too: for some players, it's not all about DPS scores, but who the human is, behind the toon. And Mat imagines her trickster mage friend, the human, is a pretty wonderful human indeed (she's just glad she doesn't work for him!).

Mi amigo, we will both feel better if we take care of business. Because we have that in common. Si, boss?

*I did the best I could. 

Postscript: will play enough to pay the bills. That never changes, no matter which world we live in!

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