Saturday, March 19, 2011

Numbers game.

Remember Mat's human, in high school, bewitching, befuddling, and bewildering a D&D player? Ultimately, the dice won out: Geek over love. Nerd over hormones. You win this round, complicated role play game structure! But I'll be back!! Oh, yes!!

Mat has greatly benefited from the patience and kindness of her friends. She has sensed she has tested this patience more than once. And, after helping many newer players herself, she realizes more deeply, more appreciatively, how generous this help and assistance are. It speaks to all personalities and characters: those players who genuinely like Mat and enjoy her company have extended advice and information. Inspecting her up and down, trying to make sure she's added up right.

Now Mat is not her human, nor her human this character. But there is some cross-over, most certainly. Mat's human was an art major, (painter, printmaker), has been a copywriter, ninja-in-training and creative defender of humanity. (Can you put those on your resume?) But one thing Mat's human isn't (hang head in shame and fixed-mindset thinking), is "good" at math. Somewhere along the line things stopped adding up. To pull her through an otherwise stellar academic career, she would have to have tutors help her with basic college level algebra. (For some reason, biology and geometry - love them. Chemistry/algebra=/cry.) One tutor in particular, was motivated by sitting next to someone who didn't smell like Fritos and Pepsi; but even he got frustrated with her. But she did pass, she did get it, and can't really think of another time she's ever really needed algebra, although many people have assured her yes, you do need this later in life.

What smart, sharp players (usually male but not always) assume is that those numbers are there, in black and white, green, red, and white, and it's so obvious what you do - you just follow the guidelines, the specs, the talent trees of great players, other knowledgeable websites, and bam! You're reforged, hit capped-up, and ready for action.

And please do not think, my friends, your advice and help didn't help -- it did. But sometimes you just need to find the right instructor for the lesson, and for this, Mat would really like to thank one of her priest friends.  He seemed to enjoy taking Mat through each of her numbers, explaining and revealing to her what was mysterious. Analytical thinkers: you still need us intuitive ones, too. You may be able to explain Mat's white and yellow hit numbers; but Mat can show you poetry in motion while she's slinging her axes. And perhaps that's why you help.

(Mat doesn't smell like Fritos and Pepsi either: She smells like honey and grass.)

Theme song: "She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby

Is WoW Cool? I agree with the Drama Mamas. Don't care:

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