Friday, March 18, 2011

Weather With You

Don't feed the elfin rabbits...

Mat's human wishes her real-life passport would get a workout. But, she is grounded for a bit.  One of the beauties of Azeroth, however, is one never needs a check through customs or uncomfortable No latex gloves required.

She has often commented on how many of the regions remind her of beautiful geographic locations around the globe. If she could, she would revisit Denmark*, England, the islands of the Caribbean, and other states in her home country, (green chili stew...oh yes please!). She longingly desires new adventures in India, New Zealand, Thailand, (although her cousin has sent pictures of cobras...lots and lots of cobras...), and other ports-of-call. She has lived in many parts of the United States, and even in another country. She is no stranger to exploration and a deep appreciation of other cultures and experiences. Mat's exploration tabard is one of her most prized possessions. When Mat's human looks around Mt. Hyjal in particular, she sees the west coast, her adopted terrain -- large trees, wildlife--and she has commented on their remarkable similarity to one another. Trolls. Fires. Natural beauty. Just like California.

About as far as she will go today is a tethered distance between the coffee pot and resposibilities. But when Mat is in this world - limits are banished and flight speeds increased. Worth every piece of gold.

Theme song: "Weather With You" - Neil Finn

*Postscript: She wants to see the Little Mermaid again (Hans Christian Andersen style), the Queen, the pirates, and meet elephants, Hobbits, and more elephants, but no cobras.

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