Sunday, March 27, 2011

High note.

While Mat's still curled up in sheepskin blankets, and resting her head on flaxen linen pillows in a dwarven hovel somewhere, her human's been busy. Well - not as focused as she could be, admittedly. It's Sunday evening, there's probably, maybe, a new Simpsons' episode, homemade chicken burritos (chicken's been in the crock pot for a day; seasoned to perfection, and no, Senor -it's not croc meat), and laundry is drying.

But the weekend didn't start off so rosy and cozy:

The blues definitely put a debuff on Mat's friends this weekend. And just like sometimes we "choose" to hide under the covers and not face reality, her friends chose either to take a break from, or hide, from play time this weekend. Because quite frankly, it quit feeling like play.

Mat watched from the sidelines as more ambitious players kept climbing the ladder. Punks cussed out her nurturing, lower-level Night Elf holy priest, Zeptepi, in dungeons. (Really, young man, who says WTF ZEP to a healer when: A. you are not dead; and B. are not going to be dead and C: she said she was sorry for the mistake, offered a trade, and yet --you still said she had an ego when she politely asked you not to swear? It's Sunday, for heaven's sake, and she's a priestess...and...and...), and some of Mat's friends had other issues and concerns. But mostly...Mat was just kind of feeling that player-plateau-paradox that we all probably feel in life. We know we should just enjoy the moment, but can't quite find it...

Mat watched a video on Magmaw (which to her human, sounds like some southern grandmother's name - Mee-maw, a very common matriarchal nickname), and thought to herself: Oh, snap. Even though the charming British accents give the whole scenario a two-lumps-of-sugar-dropped-with-silver-tongs feel, it still looks deadly, deadly, and fast. No monologuing-super villain. You're just dead. Did she mention dead?

And the first comment on the Youtube video site does make a misspelled point: players were wanting tougher content. And Blizzard, being who they are, and wanting the monthly subscription dues, are more than happy to deliver to the end-content user. Some of these tougher players may prove to be a bit too macho for Mataoka, however. She was feeling, suddenly, very...very..."I'll just stay in the castle thank you (say this in a British accent) and shine the helms...ta ta!"

But then Mat's human remembered a quote from one of her favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. (Mat's human does not care whether or not you think she's weird, or you don't get this movie. You know she's a dork - just accept that). There are many memorable quotes, but the one that seems to fit this mood is when Walter Sobchack (John Goodman) tells the Jeff Bridge's character, "F*** it, Dude. Let's go bowling."*

Because sometimes, it doesn't matter if it's a league game. It doesn't matter if you're over the line (you really should just watch the movie). All that matters is that you're bowling.

And Mat wants to give a nod to her intrepid dwarf hunter buddy: You don't let any of this baloney stop you from having fun. I saw that you were in one of the raids today, and hope it was exciting and fun.

So, by way of a happy, new beginning, to Mat's friends, she'd like to say:
Paladin: Your hair looks fantastic. And you're amazing, and your timing impeccable.
Senor: You rock. Always. And I'm glad you got your balloon today. Although in your worthy hands, will be one the deadliest balloons in the game.
Hunter girl: You are the most beautiful hunter in all of Azeroth. And in the real world too. Have no doubt.
Warrior: Your talents lie far beyond the world of Azeroth. And you crack me up (and I take that very seriously). I'm still a bit concerned about your priest however: did anyone ever answer his ad?
Gnome: I don't think you know about this blog, but your spirited exuberance inspires me.

And if the nihilists torch your car or put a marmot in your bathtub, remember: you are an achiever.

*(And yes, apologies for the profanity on a Sunday.)

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