Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a confession to make: I secretly enjoy PUGs.

Please --for you long-time players who had to walk five miles up the hills of Dun Morogh in your bare feet just to find a group, and then bang your head against the instance wall for hours, I realize you think we noobs have it just a bit too easy. I understand. And your complaints about PUGs are more than valid: the rate of ninja looting, abandonment after achieving a tabard exalted status, or other mayhem occurs. Feelings get hurt. Nails broken. 

It is my belief that the makers of the World want its players to be social. They want us to learn how to work together quickly and politely. For the most part, this has been my experience. And, there is something safe about strangers passing in the night; funny, smart comments, insight, different fighting styles: all of these great benefits. It's fun to see who's from the same guild or server, and with my own manners, I have been, or one of my alts has been, invited to join other servers and guilds. It's very flattering, and friendly. 

However, sometimes, we end up with more in our loot bags than we bargained for, such as a new overly-curious friend. A player may be a little overly friendly or flirty. Please, kind sir or madam, I do not have any judgments or bias toward your personal lifestyle choices; and although I am sincerely flattered by your kind but perhaps unsavory intentions, you must keep them to yourself. 


Theme song: "All the Single Ladies" version by Pomplamoose

Postscript: But, the little pug dog one receives as a reward? No. That thing is nasty. 

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