Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's a mad house...A MAD HOUSE!

Mat wants to know how you feel about: Deadmines (Heroic).

She has waivered between wishing the developers at Blizz had put down the hash pipe or thinking they should have smoked more. It is crazy coo-coo bananas. It is a fun-house ride with poison. And there are monkeys.

A few days ago, after doing mucho-random dungeon runs for rep, she (jinxed?) herself by saying, "Gee, haven't done a run in Deadmines in a long, long time..." and then voila! There she is! There was a hunter. Mat remembers this, and not much else, because the hunter thought it would be a good time to tame a monkey. She sees the standard pet dismissed, and the long-arm of love extended toward a monkey.

Hunter loves monkey. Monkey loves hunter. Monkey is the new "it" pet, and squeaks, screeches, calls, and makes monkey noises: Mat may go insane. Bosses, wiping, and general mayhem ensues. Monkey. Get in the suit. Get out of suit. Kills adds. Wipe. Try again. Parrots. Pirates. Pyrotechnics. More pirates (and why is the rum always gone?).

And did she mention this is all to the background chatter of a monkey?

Hunter must have sensesd the tensing of Mat's shoulders, and put monkey away. Brought out "normal" pet. It was actually a pretty fun run. Food fights. Werewolves. Disgruntled daddy's girl. Ropes. Mat forgot that when Vanessa gets down to the minimum of health not to kill her, or she will die, too.

And coincidentally, Mat PUG'd Deadmines the next night, too. And both times, there was a different mood than in other dungeons. Wipes most certainly happened - but players laugh. Never once was there an anger-management issue or dressing-down as Mat's experienced sometimes in other instances. It was all in fun, and very good-natured.

Girl, where are your pants?

But once you've run that gauntlet a few times, you may want to jump off the boat with Vanessa, too. A little monkey goes a long way.

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