Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kaylyne Spells It Out.

OMG, IMO WoW has too many acronyms. Half the time IDK what they are trying to say. I guess I need to QQing and LOL about it. I am well OMW to screaming “FTW” when I see WTB, WTT, WTS in trade chat. The constant LFG, LFM, LFR or even LFW makes me want to nerd rage. Not to mention BGs, specs, dungeons, raids, profs, towns, and spells that I have to keep track of. FML! IRL we don’t go around saying “BRT” or “OMW” when letting a friend know we are coming or “BRB” or “BIO” when we have to take a potty break. I mean WTF? So I run out of the AH and get out of SW and disregard TC just to jump into a PUG with a healer who doesn’t know how to use his HOT and keeps going OOM* cause the DPS sucks and doesn’t AOE or CC. The tank admits it is not his MS and is taking way too much DOT and needing on all the BOEs for his OS. He keeps blowing his CDs and doesn’t understand his GCDs and we wipe cause he ran out of LOS to get away from the PAT. “BR?” he askes. Nope! No druids. GG! His ILVL sucked and made me think back to sitting in Dal watching TC reading about GS. FML. That sucked too. All I wanted was my VPs and JPs for the day but the healer went AFK, but DW; super tank is here! HWG again! INC-Troggs! I MD on the tank, but oops! Targeted the DPS instead! Drop PUG, try again. Oh wait. How about a BG? I think I will! I don’t have enough HP to get good PVP gear so I am trying in my BOA gear. I get a friendly BOP from a pally and put on a bandage, but die anyway. Just to get a sarcastic “GJ!” followed by a rude gesture. WTH was I thinking? Alliance win in a BG? GTFO here! That would never happen. PVP is not Alliance’s strong suit IMHO. We can barely PVE the NPCs! Oh well! IDC! “We’ll keep trying!” OIC how it is! Thanks Horde! So maybe I will try my hand at RP and PST a draenei and he started up an ERP conversation that makes me facepalm. G2G! JK RP’s not for me. ROFL. What a day. Just makes me LMAO! In fact, I am LSHMSFOAIDMT*!
*Editor's Note: Either you know it or you don't.

*Mat knows this is Out of Mana, but thought that maybe the healers were chanting their mantras, too.

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