Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What is love?

(No--you didn't just get Rick rolled. Mat would never do that.)

Before you answer, this isn't necessarily romantic love, either; but the things we do, give, and receive that make us so very happy.

Mat sees a message from a friend, shouting out to the electronic world, that to him, love is his girlfriend helping him with archeology (he really wish she would just play with him, but I am paraphrasing --damn journalists--always getting the quote wrong!)

That is about the sweetest thing she has ever heard. 

This inspires her: she now has the burning question: How do you feel the love, show the love?

Another player shares this story:
"We were in a dungeon and we had a really bad PUG group, and it really made him mad so we left. I really didn't understand why he was so upset until we were standing in SW and he opened a trade window with me and tried to pay for my repairs. He said that I didn't deserve a group like that and he was sorry. I told him it really wasn't a big deal, declined the gold, and then asked why that bothered him so much. He said, "It just really pisses me off to see you die." Wow...I think that was one of the nicest things anyone has said to me in game before. It really made me take a step back and I have been thinking about it all day. 
In real life, we all have our heroes that we look up to and cherish. In game we have these too, just in a different form. We have our tanks that would rather take the beatings so we don't die. We have our healers that spend every ounce of mana they have trying to heal our wounds. We also have our DPS heroes that if we die, they will be there to fight for your honor and get revenge for what they did to you. In my mind, that's love."
Whew...when Mat hear this...she thought...damn. (Coming out soon as a major motion picture...starring James Franco as the tank and I don't care who plays the female lead because James Franco is going to ask me out...and no, Natalie Portman, you can't have this one.)

The grand, sweeping gestures...those are take-your-breath-away wonderful. 

But that isn't always what it takes for love.

Did you ever sit at work, and think of something funny a friend did in a dungeon, laugh out loud, and have your coworkers look at you strangely? Log in, and get excited to see there's mail and it's not from the Auction House, but from a friend?  Love is when friends share how to do fun emotes (remember /golfclap?), take you out dancing in goblin joints, and maybe not start fights with PvP Horde, but certainly finish them. And if you're feeling a bit blue, Love will make you a beautiful dress just so you can feel like a princess for a moment, before battle begins again. Love sits with you while you clean out your bags, and then buys the next round. Love shows you where the secret places are, or patiently crafts  a new gem or enchant for you, mats included. 

Love is in many forms. In the most surprising of moments. Don't take them for granted. 

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