Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spirited away...

Hunters have pets. Warlocks and Mages have their minions and imps. But I have my spirit wolves. They are privately named Geri & Freki, after Odin's wolves, meaning greedy and ravenous. They are: sublime.  Of pure ectoplasmic ferocity, they come to do my bidding, raising my damage meter, and ripping to shreds anyone or thing who is between me and victory. They cannot truly be named, and most certainly not tamed. Cursed to live an existence on a a celestial plane, attacking creatures in one dimension while residing in another until summoned must be why they fight so fiercely. I cannot say: their bond with me is as tenuous as a starlight's journey. They heal me, as well. This is the blessing and certainly not a curse. I am not sure who infused them with this supernatural aid they willingly or slavishly share with me, if only for short durations.

I don't have a lot of wishes. I understand my limitations all too well. Constantly seeking balance: Give enough show of force to win the approval of my mates, all the while make sure I'm not taking on more damage than a healer can keep up with, I cannot help but remark that these twins, these protective guardians, come in a set of two. Two is for balance. Two for strength. Two is better than, well, one.

They don't get fed. They aren't tamed. And they certainly aren't going to get a rabies shot any time soon. Their destiny is to fight by my side.

And if I were to wish for one thing, my greedy and ravenous wish would be that they wouldn't stay for such a short, spirited time.

Just stay by my side a bit longer.

Theme song: "Howlin for You" -- Black Keys

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