Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heaven Help Me

I want to sing the praises, shout hallelujah, in honor and benediction of healers, and shine a light on priest healers in particular. The question was raised recently on one of the WoW blogs: when you enter a dungeon, who are you relieved to see?

My shoulders slumped slightly because I knew no one would respond: "Oh, thank Bronzebeard! An enhancement shaman is here to save the day!"Sigh.

But many are quite relieved to see a priest healer. Somehow they manage to meditate the nerfs, the changes, the patches, with the patience of Jobe, and the intelligence and scholarly pursuit of a Jesuit. These priests are smart. Healing is one of the most complicated roles: healers should have an automatic title of "Dr." in front of their name, because they have earned their degrees. Their careful yet lightening-fast diagnosis and triage tactics would make any battlefield medic envious. They measure threat, health, line of sight, all the while watching their own mana because they know in order to take care of everyone else, they must heal themselves, first.*

On occasion, I have met a burnt-out or grumpy healer. A healer who just doesn't dig my style of street-fighting bloodletting. Ones who have left me for dead. But these are rare, and those who know me know I would never intentionally cause any disruption in the healing process. I take my medicine as prescribed. You are my life-line: instead of giving me last rites, you give me leaps-of-faith, make me walk on clouds, and ease my burdens. I walk in a glow of peace and serenity because of you.

So, to my priest healer friends, and the shadowy ones, too (you keep life in balance): you make my spirit fly.

What a blessing.


Theme song playing in my head:
First, it was "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode, but that is a bit over the top; perhaps "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse works, too, especially the line: "I want to reconcile the violence in your heart..."

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