Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to Noobshire: Population you.

This is not about trashing noobs. Not at all. This is about the low-risk perils of Goldshire. The other afternoon, Mataoka was peacefully watching some dueling on a grassy hillside, enjoying an early spring breeze, when she felt a little drowsy. Deciding to take a rest, she awoke to find herself on the vulgar end of a prank. Now young Night Elf hunters and rogues can test the limits of chivalry and push it well past the boundaries of the intersection of Crass and Degenerate (the unspoken crossroads of Goldshire). If the Lion's Pride Inn was truly an inn in the real world, it would be the seedy motel on Route 9 just two miles down from the 7-11 off the Interstate.

Now Mat is no snitch. She didn't summon a Stormwind guard to reprimand the blackguard in question, nor did she tattle to his GM. But a full-palmed stinging slap was certainly in order, and she's planning on TP'ing his house later. Lower-level players be cautious: if your journey crosses paths with one of these bored, restless, and immature players, don't let their gear levels or rank fool you. They would just as soon roll you over for a pack of smokes than look at you.

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