Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can't buy me love.

Never trust a Draenei girl with your wallet.

I have long spent the ill-gotten gains of Dwarf gambling winnings, my friend. (You see, there was this darling ebonsteel belt buckle at the Auction House I simply HAD to have!)

And my other friend: my rogue, the one whom you left in charge of your guild bank, is starting to get sticky-fingers. She stands there and just sighs...poison dripping from her blades...thinking..."Hmmm...he won't be back for awhile...and he did leave me the keys to the vault and a note saying 'help yourself' to the cherry grog in the fridge, didn't he? Don't mind if I do!"

I only tease because I think you both know me well enough to know that I, Mat, am actually always striving to be fair, honest, and helpful. One of the superlative nuances to the player dealings in Azeroth is the concept of give-and-take, bartering, trading, gifts, and professional courtesies. When Mat's friend took his leave, and later she shelled out much gold for dragonscale enchants for some new heroic pants, it stung financially and emotionally. She had gone with his gnome rogue to farm the scales personally - and he made the enchant with care and consideration, not to mention the aid in leveling his profession. That mutually-beneficial relationship of skills between players cannot be overstated.

My jewel-crafting skills, well, overcome me with a slight case of Shamanistic rage. All of my current epic gem recipes are for my personal use only: I cannot give a paladin tank a +67 stamina gem, nor my priest healer fan epic gem either. And, I can only use three of these gems on my own gear at any point in time. What is the use in that? But...but...but...I have two sockets on the ebonsteel belt buckle alone! Even the jewelry recipes aren't as good as what one can get from the faction's quartermasters, and the mats they require are extensive and exhaustive. They're fine for when one first turns level 85; beyond that, however, not much use. Other professions, such as Leatherworking, were provided some wonderful epic, and extremely useful, recipes and skills. All I can do is craft a lot of gems for empty sockets. "Shiny-pretty" just doesn't seem to cut it.

My cooking skills are excellent, but I feel woefully imbalanced when I offer up some skewered eel and tasty cupcakes, and you're trading an avalanche enchant. I don't like to feel indebted to anyone, but nor do I want to feel lordly either. Just know that I am as good as my word. My reputation of being an honest player is imperative. Any gift or trade we exchange is offered in friendship. And I'll leave the cherry grog alone. Promise.

But my friend, perhaps you should have changed the locks.


  1. Anonymous10.3.11

    you know i trust you with mi wow life. you are still the best miss.

  2. Keeping a light on for you, mi amigo.


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