Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hot mess.

Luperci going where no level 32 paladin should go...

This is Luperci. About the coolest thing about her is her name, which although technically is a collective noun, basically means protective party animals. Because right now, that's the best thing she's got going for her.

She is is a hot mess. Neither fish nor fowl. Protector of the Universe? Hardly. No shield, no helm, no bus fare. But the other day, impulsively, she went into a dungeon as a tank, and she kind of liked it. There was something about heading horn-first into an angry mob and helping it tumble down that was pretty satisfying. Expect greatness and glory from her? Only time will tell. Meanwhile she'll shake down some ghouls and monsters for that bus fare.

Perhaps this will clean her up a bit:

Postcript: No, this doesn't mean Luperci is going to be "dances naked with wolves." Sheesh people. She's not a shaman ya know.

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