Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Throwing rocks at Ozruk

So...creepy. When Ozruk says, "Run away little girl..." Mat shivers...

Two days' worth of Stonecore has Mataoka bruised, battered, and broke.

She double-checks her Cataclysm dungeon achievement list one more time...and yes, she did complete all the Cata dungeons in Heroic. When did she do this one? Did she wipe? She remembers waking up in a brightly lit room with healers all around her...perhaps she must have been with a really good group early on and was resurrected. Regardless, she cannot seem to get her tail and horns hooked on Ozruk now:
This is no exaggeration:
Two tanks, six healers, four to six DPS's, and Mat have not been able to get past him. She has tried everything...running, hiding, moving, doing exactly what the tank tells her, crying, laughing, and putting on her Santa suit. She's geared, she's doing fine on her own DPS, but...WHY!?!?!?!

And if anyone wants to answer this call, please, for Jeeves and all that is holy, step up and show Mat what she is doing wrong...

But until someone picks up the phone, Mat will watch the post-game videos and draw some x's and o's with squiggly lines:

Did you hear the key? As long as your tank avoids dying:

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