Sunday, March 13, 2011


There was once was a rogue in Stormwind
Whose hearts and minds he could easily bend
Behind her he snuck
And in her heart he struck
A permanent place as a friend

Admittedly, not the best limerick, but Mat stayed up very late, into the wee shadowy hours of morning, where reason is squeezed and judgment is blurry. She must share this very happy news: A good friend is back! And she waited patiently, sleeping off Dwarven beer and the effects of Savory Deviate Delight, waiting for him to return from his run in Grim. 

They didn't have long to catch up before this little sneaky gnome had to slip off once again into the shadows (the mage is still up to his tricks, and heaven knows what the priest is up to: perhaps only the druid is being reasonable and is using his time wisely for reflection before returning to Azeroth?).

But if she could get a message to him, it would be this: she understands your time in the realm is limited, and will do her utmost to let you be; however, while you were away she has done every dungeon, and knows every mean boss, so if you do want some assistance, please do not hesitiate to ask. And have your mage check for a "Mat-hush!" spell. You have her word. Or less of them, anyway.

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