Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Party's over.

Did someone crack your cupcake? Pee in your punchbowl? Too many clowns and not enough balloons? Well, listen up, jokers. Mat is as calm as a mana spring totem, but if one of her friends has been wronged, she will come to their aid and defense. If you need to vent, nerd rage, or just talk, please call upon her. She likes to think she has the ability to wind shear any troubles and make them simply fly away. Her kegs of powerful mojo and joy are always at the ready, and she brings her own tap and cups. No deposit required.

Theme song: "Sledgehammer" --Peter Gabriel

Postscript:  Mat is not making light of any injury, insult, or wrong-doing: far from it. She is empathetic, and takes matters seriously. There are some blackguards out there; those whose selfish deeds may be their undoing. She is merely offering her time and attention if you need to rally and rail.  

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