Thursday, August 4, 2011

50* Ways to Love a Draenei

This is a very timely article for me:

I don't think the lack of lore is a bad thing - I am more than capable of filling in the plot holes:

Been thinking about draeneis. I don't know why I like them, just do. They can't dance like Night Elf girls, aren't as aloof and self-possessed as Blood Elves, aren't rocking the sexx-ayy like gnome chicas, and don't keep boys in line like dwarf women. And they can't match human girls for having feet. Real feet. Often they have a Hans Christian Andersen Little Mermaid mourning time for the lost pedicures and peppermint foot cream that will never be theirs: kind of silly to paint the "toe nail" of big hooves. If you go from hoof to horn, draenei females evolve from animal earthiness to etched beauty. But, they open their mouths and talk "funny."

So, when I'm not so sleepy, (and I am sweetly sleepy right now- all the Draenei girls are at a good stopping point: Matty, Lupe, and Zep are fine: Haanta has been tracking her lost friend, but other than that, holding up all right), my creative energies are going to tackle more Story Time entries before the summer's light vanishes, and extinguishes my free time.

*I say 50 because that's the alt limit. I cannot, will not, make 50 characters, and most certainly not all Draenei. I've created a few Horde and some alts that are not blue aliens.

Postscript: Perhaps draeneis will be buried under other lore, or maybe this will help: Mists of Panderia:

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