Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Face it.

Okay, I try not to let too much of real world stuff in the WoW life, and vice versa. And I will speak in metaphors. But starting today, I have a big, angry, messy, thousand-headed hydra to slay. I wish this was an exaggerated metaphor, but it is not. This hydra sprouts heads with sharp teeth, glaring eyes, oozing with disease, at the least touch of a blade, water, tears, anger; and worse of all: it needs some chewing gum. And that's against the rules. Fresh out of supernatural-spearmint.

But I have to face it, and conquer it.

I did not create it, I did not cause it. But I am expected to kill it.

So, this morning, I reminded myself of what a guildmate said to me the other night. He said, in a moment of unexpected kindness, (for his defenses were down), that the people I work with are lucky to have me. If you knew this young man, you'd know for him to give a compliment is a rare drop indeed. Like, Sword of a Thousand Truths rare.

On I go, with my compliment in my pocket, my shields up, and I believe, (because a human paladin told me so), the only way to fight this particular monster is with vats of elbow grease, squeezed from the levers of a hundred arms, and vertebrae fluid. Wish me success.

1. Do not judge my bad grammar too harshly before 8AM.
2. Many heads rolled.
3. A band of young squires came to my rescue, just at my darkest moment.

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