Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In the pink.

Today was a pretty good day. Hydra with halitosis somewhat subdued, and got a chaos orb. I had a few deaths-by-add on failures, but otherwise, all sum total, not bad. Cheered myself with a Draeneic Pale Ale and rode around, fire-elf style, on my temporal pink elephant.

Mi amigo - I have a really good dagger recipe waiting: by the time you come back, I am trying to have it ready for you. You're not missing much right now. No worries.


  1. Anonymous25.8.11

    hola senorita! how are you doing? are you eating your cereal? are you going to bed at 9pm? is rasta's reinforced window still holding up so you can't sneak out at 3am? so many questions, but i know that you are following all the rules. (not sure which rules are you following but i'm sure that you are following them)hope seeing you soon. be good miss.

  2. Senor - I am great. Broke a fingernail trying to open that window though. I would say I miss you more than I can say, but it inspired a little story. Will post it soon.


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