Thursday, August 18, 2011

Por favor, no tire de mí agro

I am an intuitive learner, not a logical one. I sense something, and then gather evidence to support or disprove my theories. I go on hunches, and ask questions. Sometimes this makes me seem really stupid, and other times I can come off like an idiot savant.

So, took rookie tank for a few runs this morning. (Am planning another post about Matty's bad mojo night last night, where the tank was practically cooing over the new threat changes. So much so, in fact, their giddiness challenged the DK to 'unleash' and he did 25k fairly frequently. More on that later.) Little Miss Smarty-Tank still has a lot to learn. We know this. I admit it, freely. Action bars, and understanding cool-downs, taunting, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and how not to cut off her fingers on the table saw, are all safety tips she needs to learn. In any case, ran with a guildmate, and asked another buddy to go. There was a DK, mage, and something else. Not a druid or hunter - but don't remember. In any case, DK made it very difficult for me to gather aggro/threat. In fact, they all did. We were in Vortex Pinnacle, at one of the spots where there are more than a few trash mobs. Could not, NOT get one of the damn things out of the triangle. The player was very polite, but perhaps a bit passive/aggressive when I had asked, and kept asking, not to pull aggro from me. (He spoke Spanish, by the way, and I nicely told him that those language issues were not a problem for me. Gracias. [so--how do you say, "Stop pulling aggro from me, please?"]*

And the thing is, one stupid mob pull I have done quite well on Noobalicious Tank Girl in the past resulted in a wipe. I wonder if the players will reflect on their actions, that tanks, even with--is it increased threat? No threat? I AM SO CONFUSED - changes in threat, still need to follow the tank's lead? We are still designed to take a licking and keep on ticking, aren't we?

Anyway, would someone, for the love of Theck, explain this to me?
Sacred Duty: Threat Was Good

And Bubble's has her opinion, too:

So, here are my intuitive thoughts:

Tanks should:

  • Keep the bad things close to them and in a good position so DPS doesn't get hurt and can kill them fast
  • Make sure the healer has mana, and is safe, too
  • If a bad thing gets loose, get it back fast, like an underage Mclovin trying to get into a strip joint- bounce it back
  • Let the group know which bad thing to kill first, or spells, or whatever
  • Go fast, but don't leave good elves behind
As ignorant and noobtastic as this post is, I will graciously ask you all to cut me a break. If you knew what I was thinking about at 4:30am this morning I would have your love and support. But love only goes so far: if any of you want to respectfully explain to me anything you think you should, please. I need to pass this class.

PS For the most part, guildmates and strangers in PUGs alike have all been very encouraging and complimentary. So far, no kicks, nice feedback, and good manners. This is a social game, and usually I am just as sweet as I can be. If you're looking for a pendejo tank, you won't find it with me.

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