Thursday, August 11, 2011

Culture clash.

Recent thoughts on Guild Culture from expert bloggers/players:


Of course, these two posts are as different as their writers. Author's style and audience awareness are key.

Editor's Note: Please check out Manalicious' post on guild culture, too:

Again, I can't help but draw parallels between my culture at work and my time spent in Azeroth. If I think on it, the reasons I adore my guild is because they are the opposite of my work environment, or I should say, the opposite of the powers that be. In my own little cadre of rogues, druids, priests, and paladins at work, we are just as tight-knit as any group. Some have gone on to other places, because they could not tolerate the constant crashing on the rocks that has been the norm rather than the exception. Our captains have been promoted to admiral mid-voyage on more than one occasion, leaving us crew to batten down the hatches. They took the compass with them, and the sextant fell overboard. My stupid metaphor would be imagine doing a five-man and every third one the tank leaves mid-fight. That would get old, wouldn't it?

If I had a boss who was like a great guildmaster, this boss would trust my professional judgment, my intelligence, and in general, make me feel like they liked me. And would probably not put too much pressure on me (check) and be respectful and funny (check, check again). That's all anyone really wants, just to feel liked. Unfortunately, some people, when they sense they don't fit in or are not liked, react so strongly, and basically go kind of bat-sh*t crazy. I've seen it. The crazy.

I have had bosses who make me feel like I'm a worthless human being. And I have had bosses who never make me feel that way, who make me feel like I'm working "with" instead of "for." Guess which one is more motivating?

Sometimes people stay in any situation because of the old expression, 'the devil you know is sometimes better than the devil you don't.' The important word here is 'devil' because most leadership has to be tough, strong, and make difficult decisions. And it can be evil. It can become a war of attrition when someone doesn't fit in, and the others make their lives so prickly and uncomfortable they end up leaving. Sometimes, we foolishly wait for change that is systemically impossible. In other words, it ain't ever gonna happen. It's tough to let go, too.

In my parallel worlds, I will stick it out in my real life work, because ultimately, it is important, and I'm good at it. In my virtual world, I'm getting better at that, too, and need to remember that if it's not fun, it's not worth time there. So far, the fun comes from the friendships.

And I thank heavens my bonuses and payscale aren't tied into my dps scores.

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