Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, guildmaster asked me to tag along to Firelands, and we got the Beth'tilac and Shannox. 

Two separate players called me their 'lucky charm' -- thought of this quote

"It's a funny thing -- the more I practice, the luckier I get." -- Arnold Palmer

Oh, did I mention the guild hadn't gotten them until tonight?

Theme song: Red Red Wine/UB40*

*May have had a little bit


  1. Anonymous8.8.11

    miss, did you ever play a ps2 game named ICO? (i think that's the name) that was one of my favorites :) and i knew for a long time now that you are one lucky charm disguised as a girl with horns, tail and the works.

  2. Okay - the SECOND I read your comment I went and looked up the game, and it looks awesome - totally my kind of game. You are such a smart elf!

    Check it out, folks:

    And as far as Firelands goes, when you get back, there's a pile of trash you can take out so you can get some good stuff. I at least got the cloak yesterday.

    Remember - my horns are not like rabbits' feet - don't put them on a key chain, okay? :)


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