Monday, August 22, 2011

Drabble: Dazed and confused.

The sun’s rays stood strong for days facing the encroaching clouds, until this morning the fire surrounded to the water. In the Uldum heat, during this brief spell, Luperci continued her training. A twisty group of pygmies constantly shouted obscenities at them. Though she had a salty tongue herself on occasion, she knew the best way to communicate with them was with her sword and shield. Those they understood. Luperci sliced the air with her shield, a gift from her sister, imbued with her sister’s love and protection. She watched in disbelief has the shield missed targets, the clang echoed.

Postscript: I thought I was doing something wrong. And perhaps I am. Guarf asked me how I liked the new changes, but honestly, I am confused still. Too much of a rookie tank to understand the mechanics of this new role. But I have witnessed my shield "missing" again and again, flying off like a stoner's Frisbee at a dog park.

Maybe this will explain it:

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