Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roll-dem bones.

Hot streaks don't last. That's what makes them hot, I guess. Too many great runs in Zuls had to come to an end, and what an inglorious end indeed.

Druid healer
Ret pally
Prot pally
Some worgen thing (SP)

RP to all of us: BEAR RUN! (Says when he sees my first mob trash dps scores were 17-20k)
Says to DH that he is fail, because his DPS is low.
I say, um...Druid is the healer - ?
DH to RP: ur an idiot

Proceed.. issues...

But the RP has a lot to say. To everyone. So we miss out on bear run because he was busy typing in party chat about everyone else's failures.

At some point, I say, in my best party chat Robert DiNero; YOU TALKING TO ME?

But I typed it as:  "Talking to me?"

And no, it the Druid Healer was the target.

Tank and RP are guildies, btw.

(Oh, forgot to mention my lag on Akil'zon. Worst. Lag. Ever. Woke up smelling of ozone and bird poop.)

Tank does some weird sh*t with one of the mobs, and we wipe, but not without a valiant effort. RP says, "Wow."

Wow, yourself.

Healer has enough and bails. (For the record, tells us would rather go do a battleground than be with this group.)

For some reason, and it's pretty obvious to me now, activate POWER OF WISHFUL THINKING
and wanted the RP to be GONE. So I ask to call in a guildie, my illustrious and talented GM, who comes to save the day.

But we didn't need a dps.
We needed a healer.
My BIG mistake.

Embarrassment to the inth degree.

RP changes to Holy spec.
We move on.
We do fine.
Get to the Hex Lord Malacrass show-down. Am told to hex the demon. Can't hex demon, and I know this. Before I can tell tank this, and hex the blood elf chica standing there, which is what I do, he says "Waiting on you shammy."

You can take your tapping toe and shove it....


I am polite. Polite. Polite.

We end up wiping on that boss. I don't remember ever wiping on him. I had to self-heal because Malacrass kept standing in his own conscretation, and I have seen other tanks pull him out, but when I suggested this to Sir Tanksalot, was told about twenty different reasons why that can't happen.

Okay. Sure you're right.

And then RP, turned Holy, told me to dps faster.

Kind of tough when I am self-healing.

RP asks shadow priest if he can heal, because he believes his dps is so awesome he can save us. Funny how he didn't remember that most of our dps ran neck-in-neck most of the run.

Now I am feeling bad -- this is my fault. I could have gotten a healer, too. And been done with this.
But this wipe causes my gear to break down - and I leave, with telling them, of course.

Which I hate, hate, hate to do.

Because I get lost.

And the sh*t starts flying.

No mention of all of their mistakes.
No mention of their arrogance and errors.

I am lost.

GM tells me to hit "M" for map.


I know about "m."

I also know that "m" in Zul'Aman is, well, let's just say doesn't really help me. People who have run it and studied the vectors and pathways take a a lot of short-cuts, back alleys, and broken stair steps to get to where they need to be.

I am imaging in my head right now the RP is a red-headed neighborhood bully with pile of white dog stuff ready to go. 

I have found my way back before, but normally I don't have to because I haven't wiped on any boss in a Zul in awhile, and I don't need to find my way back. My breadcrumbs have long been eaten. I am so embarrassed at this point, that I...just...snap.

And I leave.

Now I know these smug pendejos have been fed more troll food. Shaman-shame is like mana from heaven for them.

Sometimes the dice are hot, and sometimes they're not. I'll roll again, and do fine, but perhaps making cheeseburgers and drinking a cold beer is the best course of action right now.

Postscript: Young elite druid tank informed me, indeed, Lord Malacrass cannot be pulled out of his own mess when he is casting shadow spirits: HOWEVER - and I took notes on Luperci's behalf--as a tank, one needs to know where everyone is at all times. If melee dps are in an uncomfortable, damaging area, get Malacrass turned around so that the fight can continue pain-free. Know where everyone is -- DPS, healer, etc. If the dice are going to be loaded, at least make sure they're your dice.

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