Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Writing triage.

Mi amigo--
Knowing you are still out there makes me happy. What does that have to do with this post. Nothing, really, but it reminded me of some of the past posts. And, that your friendship is unique. Feel, in some ways, I'm marking time until you can stop by again. Just so you know, been getting hunter girl decked out in PvP gear. Should change her name to GI Jane.

Was thinking while cleaning up and clearing out real life, I should fix up this blog to look better, too. It's messy. If you all saw my home, work environment, and brain, you'd know I create a three-dimensional world of toys, papers, etc.; I try to keep things linear, but just can't contain this much awesomeness. To say I'm a visual person is an understatement: it's almost to debilitating levels.

I've been blogging for a long time. But that doesn't mean I've improved. And when I look at the side bar of popular posts, for the most part, they are ones that have been linked and carried by other, better writers than I. They are not necessarily my personal favorites. I really like the drabbles, the stories, and the confessions. I hope that when I expose some mistake, others may quietly nod to themselves and know I'm empathetic (noobery loves company?).

Anyway, these two posts came to mind tonight:

And I still really like this one:

May just put on that Bloodsail hat and kiss some pirates.

With my ax.


  1. Anonymous13.8.11

    makes me feel good that you are doing fine on both worlds, so damn proud of you miss.

  2. (still miss you a lot though - thank you for your sweet words)


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