Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Much of our lives, and perhaps this is only a first-world issue, is spent cleaning up clutter. I have been wrangling with stacks of papers from work, for home, for others, myself, my creative life, and virtual life. There are to-do lists, calendars, agendas, and, quite frankly--some very aggressive sticky notes.

It is not a good sign when I have a touch of insomnia because these volatile sticky notes are stuck in my head. I know the only cure for this is to roll up sleeves, and wade through, being ruthless in my judgement of each scrap's worth.

Was catching up with a mentor/friend yesterday, long overdue. She and I feel the same way about current professional issues, and both are having a "I don't wanna" response. But the summer's light still shines, and as far as I know Starbucks is open now.

So, three things:

1. Cougar Club:
My guild's raiding team has been trying to put out the fires in Firelands. I haven't been on those raids of late, and neither have a few other guild members. I had a productive chat with my guildmaster the other evening. For some reason, there has been an attraction of 30+ women to our guild. I sense virtual saucy wenches, but I and a comrade have dubbed them the Cougar Club. Am I a charter member? Eek. Never saw myself as that. In any case, the word on the street was that a few of us wanted to raid, but had been feeling intimidated, left out, etc. Wise guildmaster scheduled a Tier11 raid, so we could get our hooves wet. I imagine the Saturday Night Live skit, Cougar Den.

2. Sparked:
Came across this blog: http://judging-chasey.blogspot.com/2011/07/fireland-raid-guide-and-videos.html
What sparked me to talk to the guildmaster was a comrade relaying that although they did pretty well during one Firelands' raid, but not great (I am paraphrasing), at least his rep went up. I think I said something to the effect, "That's twisted all sideways and defying gravity in a sexy way." I am all about access to fun, rep, loot, etc. So we shall see.

3. Vanish:
I may just say "twist it all sideways and defy gravity in a sexy way," and do something completely different. Move realms. Leave no forwarding address. And light a match to this pile of work.

In the meantime: Luperci/tanking is a blast. She tipped the scales for her reputation with the good Guardians of Mt. Hyjal, and was awarded with this very ugly belt:
Luperci keeps her lip gloss in this fanny pack.

Off to Starbucks. And find a pack of matches.

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