Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Border patrol.

You shall not pass!
Last night, long-time player friend introduced me to Cross-Realm dungeon finder. We had a blast. It was just fun to be on equal footing with him leveling-wise, and kind of felt like we had snuck into the concert for free. Was mentioning this to a guildmate this morning, and he said it would probably: A. Not last or B. Cost More Money. His feeling was Blizzard already had enough of his time and money; not only that, but he was getting bored. Might start playing the new Star Wars game.

Pay attention, Blizzard, please.

My play time is beginning to need to wind down here very soon. Had a young friend ask me recently if I ever got bored, and the answer was mildly complicated. I am, in some ways. But I probably won't replace it with another game, unless it's what my dear friend told me about, Ico, or Wii Dance Party. I'm still 'new' enough that my primary characters are still different and engaging enough for me to want to try to reach some level of success.
I am just not sure.

What I do know is the dungeons were hilarious. We had a worgen (!) who wanted to know where or how to get PVE gear. He was level 76. He really didn't know. A lot. Next up: a tank, in Gundrak, GUNDRAK for Pete's sake, say he was "carrying" everyone after one snake mob and the healer, me, (Zeptepi) was an idiot for using Prayer of Mending. I know. I know what it does. I just thought it was pretty and I was BORED. He actually left. Poor little psycho: kind of feel sorry for him.

And, the thought of taking even one more character through Molten Front doesn't inspire me. In fact, my reaction is more akin to having to pull out belly-button lint from a herpes-infected Bengali tiger on the streets of Omaha.

Does that sound like fun to you, Blizzard? 

I want to take the word "grind" out of my vocabulary with time in Azeroth. What's headed my way work-wise is enough. I want play to be just that, play. With friends. Real friends.
What I would like is not only cross-realm dungeons, but cross-realm quests, dailies if need be, etc. These are just for Real ID friends, as it should be. I don't want to have to stop to pray over some worgen who can't find pants.

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