Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Augustus took all the blog-chocolate yesterday.

Ah, the double-edge sword of technology.

I can check blog traffic and data, which are fascinating to me. I enjoy seeing the key word searches that lead people to my blog, and that when I cross-pollinate with other bloggers I admire, feeling that they willingly and graciously share their readership with me. Hopefully I have found a few new fans, as I have in their writing.

For awhile now, I have noticed the good people of Malaysia don't seem interested in fan-fiction or topics of WoW. They want me to get an on-line degree, or improve my golf swing. Their traffic numbers will bump out others I do want to see, others who cheer me when I know they've come to my virtual doorstep. However, we've come to tolerate one another, albeit grudgingly.


Yesterday, Germany sent 65 post hits to this blog. I can't imagine they were really all that interested in what a rookie tank or high-maintenance shaman had to say.

Now, I have been to Germany, a few times in fact. It's been awhile, and I loved it, and would like to go back. Hamburg especially is a sooty, salty-sea, charming city. That was the city where a young German man took me and my colleague on tour, and when I asked about a bombed out church, looked at me, with an edge of hostility (or maybe that's just being German), and hissed it was "your American soldiers...." (Well, I wanted to say, it wouldn't be nothing if you didn't start nothing...or something like that, in a Will Smith voice...but...I didn't).

In any case, perhaps the German spam-krieg of my blog was just a fluke.

Robot Chicken: ...such a scamp...

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