Friday, August 19, 2011


I think the excitement over the Transmorgifier is greater than Deathwing's appearance. As a relatively newer player, I do not share the same level of nostalgia for previous game versions' gear sets. But boy-oh-boy, most of my player friends do. Grown men, who are looking back through their years of game play, searching for that once-sold graive or shoulder set, have ventured back into the Black Temple to find just the perfect thing to wear to the Deathwing Prom. I have to laugh, too, because of the "'s not the World of Dresscraft..." comment from last year's Blizzcon. You may scoff all you want, good sir, but apparently, this is what grown-ups still like to do - play dress-up. I would be fired if I took an axe and mace to work with me, however tempting, and however enchanting they may be, (even if they do go with my boots, er, shoes). So, in this world, if I get to use more of my imagination and create a unique character, then that is a good thing. That's all we ever want - individuality.

In all of the buzz, I must admit, I am pretty excited I saved my Frost Witch's Spauldrons, the ones with tiny shoveltusks who blow their horns every so often. And, I remember thinking while acquiring these pieces for Zep (see photo below: too lazy to look them up right now) that I wish I could use them forever--the contrast of the black with her pale, angelic face, to me, looks beautiful. 

I guess now I can. Glad they still fit.
Gotta admit: She looks pretty hot.
Postscript: But the letters stay. No matter how much closet space I have.

Theme Song: Heartbreaker/Led Zeppelin


  1. Correction: the spaulders are not the heal-y ones, but the agility ones. Don't have a conniption.

  2. And yes, I know the cool stuff comes from old raids, etc. Yes, I know I'm lame. Yes. Yes I know.


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