Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank heavens for little gnomes...

Tall people take themselves much too seriously sometimes. It seems that every time I am in a dungeon, it is a dwarf or a gnome who lightens the mood. Or, if the mood is lightened, look down. You'll see the source of good cheer.

Take this little mage for example:
My Winterspring cub gets all tuckered-out. Poor little fluffball. She has a habit of just taking little kitty-naps wherever, whenever she feels like it. (I am convinced she has saved my tail by tripping the bad guys.) Here is a shot of a cute little mage who decided it was time for a nap, too, right next to my kitty-cat. There is lot of running in circles in the Violet Hold, and we all took five.

Shorties get the job done. Love watching a gnome DK or warrior tank: the David v. Goliath tune always inspires.

Here in my real world, we had a few days of heat, and now it's back to Darkshire days. Yesterday in a meeting I was telling a friend about my admiration of sparky gnomes facing down big brutes, and realized I had a smile on my face for the first time all day. I am smiling now. Kisses, little gnomes. You don't make room to be judgmental.

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