Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Pug Breaker

We have a new guildmate who's really fit right in. I'm going to take credit for picking him off of the streets and inviting him. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Anyway, ran Zul'Aman with him yesterday, his first time there. It's obvious he's been playing for awhile and understands the nuances and mechanics much better than I: although getting there, it's taken awhile. (Queen of the Understatement today - rocking the crown.)

Ah, tanks.

The heroes' hubris is sometimes their strongest defense mechanism.

He marks things diamonds, expecting me to know when to hex something: I tell him I was looking for the triangle: if you insist, lady.

Most is fine, not great, but fine. We wiped on my least favorite fight, the Jan'alai fight.

Run back (hey, I didn't get lost!) and the tank says, "Hurry up, f*ckers, I gotta get on my bowflex."

Our tank.

New guildmate informs me this is a joke. (Because chip-flicking-off-of-tummy-tanks don't own bowflexes).

Next fight, I do this:
And tank asks where did that come from?

"It was in me all along."

More Zul:


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